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Super Bowl Savory Cheese Ball

Super Bowl LIII 2019 is February 3rd. Time to start thinking of what to serve the guys at the Super Bowl Party this year. I've got an idea for you! How about a Savory Cheese Ball in the shape of a football. DELICIOUS! My Guys Mercantile has The Original Savory Saltine Seasoning and this week we will be getting the NEW YoYo's! We are located in The Market at 81st & Harvard in Tulsa, OK.


Ingredients 2- 8oz. Softened cream cheese 3-cups Shredded sharp cheddar cheese 1-tsp. Worcestershire sauce 1-pkg. Original Savory Seasoning (from My Guys Mercantile located in The Market, 81st & Harvard) 1 Dash of Tabasco sauce (optional)

Directions: Mix cream cheese, Worcestershire sauce, Original Savory Seasoning, Tabasco and blend well. Form a log or a ball. Coat with chopped nuts, bacon, shredded cheese or cracker crumbs. Cover and chill for 1-hour or more before serving.


Roll into a shape to celebrate certain occasions – football, pumpkin, egg, heart shape

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