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My Guys Mercantile is Taking Shape!

We have been busy getting the store ready for our products and our mens gifts have been arriving daily. We have many gifts that you will love to buy your guys for Valentine's Day. We have Conscious Step socks that have really fun designs and when you buy you give back to a charity of your choice. We have special snacks that any man will love... the way to a mans heart is through his stomach --- I'm a firm believer in that! That is why you will find some amazing snacks and food products in my shop. Right now I have Deep Fried Peanuts (4 flavors) and Savory Snack Mix (6 Flavors) -- you will be a hit with your dude! If your man loves specialty drinks, there is no better mixer than Bittermilk cocktail mixers. Have a special cocktail waiting for him when he gets home. So easy to make and what a thoughtful surprise for him. If your man is a griller, you might also grab a bag of Bitter-briques. These are great for grilling and they are 2 pounds of cut up Willett bourbon barrels. Now if you husband has a beard or mustache, I recommend getting some of our Bedlam Beard/Mustache products that just arrived. So amazing! This is just the beginning! So many more fun things will be arriving in the next couple of weeks! Follow me on my blog and FB and join me on our adventure. I have loved buying gifts for my guys and want to share my ideas with you. Our guys deserve it!

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