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Classy Canes in Tulsa

Ladies & Gents —- Step up your game! Walking sticks, crooks, fancy canes, collector canes. $20-$140. Beautiful workmanship! Direct from England —-NOW at My Guys Mercantile, 8281 S. Harvard Ave.(located in The Market) -

Select the perfect cane for any event, any outfit, or everyday use and start getting compliments!

The perfect gift for your special mom, dad, grandparent, spouse, or friend that will definitely improve their attitude about using a cane. A cane is a beautiful statement piece.

PERSONAL STORY: My dad never wanted to use his cane because he thought it made him look old. One day I bought him a beautiful wood cane like you will find in my store. Using his cane was never a problem after that. Dad received compliments on his cane when we would go out and he just loved the attention! He was definitely proud of his cane. That is what inspired me to start carrying cane. I want others to feel the same way he did.

No one should have to use an ugly medical cane. A cane is an accessory and is like matching a pair of shoes with your outfit. If you must use a cane, why not get one that instills confidence?

We have over 40 unique designs, for women and men,to choose from. We also have hiking sticks. Come in an pick out your statement piece. The photos represent just a few of our unique canes. www.facebook.com/myguysgifts

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